Monday, July 14, 2008

I have finally got the family blog up and going! Sorry it has taken FOREVER!!

To begin, I thought I would just catch up everyone on what our family has been up to.

Clint - Has been busy working like normal, and is still enjoying his job at Sportsmans Warehouse in the corporate office as their Oracle Database Administrator.
He still loves to GOLF and goes when ever possible, and is pretty good ( just don't let him know I said it). He also enjoys playing games on the computer and has gotten the whole family involved in a game called Mythos, yes even me. It is actually kind of fun and challenging, and of coarse the kids love that they can play with me and Clint.
He has also been busy getting things done around the house, so we can get the For Sale sign up in the yard. Right now he has been digging a hole in my back flowerbed, to the foundation to seal a area we get water every once in a while, to make sure it is all taken care of, and then he will be sealing the basement floor. Oh what fun! He is still having fun with the 120 gallon salt water aquarium, he has up and going since January, there are still a few things that he needs to finish such as the doors still need to be stained and put on, as well and the top lid. We have about 6 fish and a bunch of crabs, snails, and shrimp. We even have a ton of baby shrimp do to having 2 shrimp being pregnant every 2 to 3 weeks, it is actually really interesting to watch the way they hatch in the early mornings.

Me - I am still busy working for JetBlue, and having fun. I am still the family taxi for summer camps ( v-ball and f-ball) and swimming lessons, which keeps me busy. Scrapbooking has not been a top priority for a while, which I miss, but until i can get the office in working order it, is just too much of a headache to try to do much. I was able to get to a 3 day retreat and took Whitney last month, we had a lot of fun, and was able to get some stuff done, but it is always so hard to scrap away from home, since I never know what to exactly pack.
My back is hanging in there still trying to get through each day with as little pain as possible. My Doctors want to go in and freeze/burn my nerves in my neck and back, to try to relieve some of the pain, and knots. Needless to say I am not to excited to do that, so I keep putting it off as long as I can. A couple of weeks ago I woke up with my right knee extremely swollen and had a really hard time walking. If anyone knows what I did please let me know! So I am still trying to baby that back to health, and I now have a Doctor appointment scheduled with a Orthopedic Surgeon, to see what is wrong. ( It happens to be the same knee that I had a total ACL replacement done on when I was in High School, due to a Basketball injury.) So I guess we will see what terrible thing I have done this time?
Other than that things seem to be about the same as usual, just trying to keep my head above water each day, and Missing my Friends and My family that are all so far away nothing has changed.

Whitney - Boy has she grown up she is just about as tall as me, and has gotten so grown up I am beside my self. She worked really hard in school and was able to get straight A's which we are so proud of, and she was rewarded by being able to with mom for the Scrapbook weekend, and we also had a day we went and got manicures and pedicures, shopping and dinner at the Olive Garden. Needless to say she was spoiled, but she deserved it, she is such a great help to me and helps watch her brothers when I work and has been learning how to help with the Laundry and also learning how to cook a little bit.
She has been busy this summer with attending 2 separate Volleyball Camps, and to her surprise at each camp she was pulled to the side, and told she was a great player and needs to try out for the team in September. In fact the Lehi camp out of 150 girls her and 9 other girls we pulled out the first day about 1 hr into camp, and put in a different gym for the rest of the camp. They were told they were the best players there, and wanted to spend one on one time with them for the rest of the camp, and the High School Coach said she wants to see them at tryouts and expect that they will be on the team, and to continue to work hard and have fun. Needless to say she was very excited and boy did her confidence level grow a ton! And of coarse I could of not been excited for her too, and boy did it bring back a lot of High School memories.
It is so hard to think how fast she is growing up, she will be 12 in Aug, and headed to Jr High this year. Pray for me this year I am sure I am going to need it, with all the changes that are in the future.

Kameron - Has just been playing all summer with the neighbor friends, and has really missed his friend Kyle Colquitt who moved to Texas. He will be starting TACKLE football in 3 weeks, I am still not to sure how I feel about it, but I guess I have to let him play. He is so excited to be headed to 4 th grade, and looking forward to being with all his friends again when school starts. He is getting pretty tall, and is such a good looking kid, and boy what a kidder, he is just plain cute. He loves to do anything with his dad or me alone, with out his siblings. He is a lot of fun, and a good kid.

Kayden - Where to start with my little Momma's boy? He is such a sweet kid, and so dang cute I just want to love him to death. He is doing really good with his leg, and it is healing really good, it is hard to think that less than 9 months ago he broke his leg in half, with all the things he can do you would never know.
He is such a tease, and loves to bother his sister and brother when ever possible, and still has his mom wrapped around his little finger, dad not so much. All he wants to do every day is PLAY PLAY PLAY from sun up to sun down (seriously). He can be so funny some times, but mostly he is just so loving and wants to help when ever possible, and has become my little buddy with watching QVC and can be quite persuading when he sees something he thinks I should buy, it is pretty funny

And of coarse I have to write about the 3 little furry things ( the cats ).

Cinder - is still with us and is very laid back and still the queen of the house, and lets the other 2 aware of it. She is still very sweet and still loves to comfort anyone of us if we are having a bad day, so how she just knows, and will always be near.

Ginger - she is still the pretty shy one, but has come out of her shell a little bit now that we have Sassy, she will actually go out side on the back porch, but not much farther. And if you are on a bed or on the couch she can usually be found on your lap, purring away and a sleep.

Sassy - she is quite the cat, she has figured out how to let us know when she wants to go out side, she will go over to the sliding door and stand on her back paws and scratch as fast as she can on the door until we let her out, and does the same when she wants in. She is always chasing or scarring the other 2 and causes the most mischief of them all. She has a couple of places you can usually find her. She will sit and watch the fish for hours,or will find any little place like the laundry basket, curled up and a sleep, or under the covers in a bed. And you can always expect that when you are going to the bathroom she will be there in seconds trying to rub your legs until you scratch her, even if it is the middle of the night. And she loves to wake you up with rubbing her face against yours almost like head butting when ever possible. What a cat!!


Jamie said...

Itls so great to read about you and your family! I miss you.

Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary said...

Yeah Julie! Congrats for getting everything up and running.

chelon:) said...

yeah!! you are blogging :) i am sooo happy! you have such a beautiful family. i miss being your neighbor :) sounds like all is you tons! xoxo

islandgirl said...

Hey there, found you through Aubrey Woolcotts blog, COOL!

Kristen said...

Hey! I thought I was all caught up with you now, until I saw this is from 2008! How goofy of me. Miss you!