Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fishing with Grandma and Pappa Ovard

Fishing on Strawberry was a lot of fun, we all enjoyed spending time with my parents, it was a beautiful day even when the clouds were in the process of banging together to get a storm a brewing, it was fun to listen to the kids on what images they could find in the clouds. Fishing was kind of slow, most of the day but of coarse I was the first one to be able to catch the first fish and get it to the boat. While I was bringing it in there happened to be another fish following my little fish, ( he wasn't to little, he was big enough to keep) I guess the big fish wanted to eat my fish. Next thing we know Kameron has a fish and when he got it to the boat it sure did look a lot like the fish who had been chasing mine. He gave Kameron quite the fight and just as they were trying to get it with the net he got off the hook. Kameron was kind of disappointed, but at least he could say he had a big one that got away. Even though we didn't catch a lot of fish the we all had a great time. I was able to teach all 3 of the kids how to cast a fishing pole, and they all did great. We got a little sun, but just enough to give us that sun kissed glow.

After we fished most of the day we went to Heber ti the Train Station ( Dairy Keen) to get something to eat. The kids liked watching the trains go round and round. Then Clint and I were able to tell the kids good bye, since they were headed up to grandma and papa's house for a couple of days, before the summer was over. So we left the kids and secretly headed to Granny's to get a mini shake for the way home, boy was it good. If you have never been to Granny's you are missing out!

Clint and I were able to have the weekend to with out the kids which is rare to come by, we were able to get some stuff around the house done, and a few new projects started. We are getting ready to put the house up for sale, so we are just doing a couple of up grades to help it look a bit nicer. We have a long list of things to do, but if it was only Clint's choice he would of had the house listed 3 weeks ago. I am waiting for the kids to be in school so I can get everything picked up to my liking, and get the carpets cleaned before I want to get it listed, so hopefully within the next week or so we will have her up for sale. I will take some pictures of the Tile that we ( Clint ) is putting down in the entry way and in the Master bath soon and let you all know what is going on with the Christofferson Clan in the next few weeks:)

1st day of Jr. High


*** Please help me now ***

Can you believe it, Whitney is now in Jr. High. The last couple of weeks of getting everything ready, making sure she had cool clothes and all the new gadgets to make school fun has been quite interesting, a lot has changed since my Jr. high days. Getting all of her locker stuff together, and making sure her and Hannah her locker partner would be some what organized, has been fun I have to say. I even got creative and made a few little things to personalise it a little more. On last Monday we had to go and make sure we had everything done with her class schedule since she decided at the last minute she didn't want to take band after all, we ended up paying for her to change her classes around, which moved a bunch of things all over the place, but we finally got it figured out. I payed all her school fees, which really have gotten expensive since I was in school.
We then got to try to find her locker and it was rather funny to watch the 2 of them trying to open their locker for the first time, I hope they get it down fast or they had better carry all of there books with them at all times! On Thursday night it was 7th grade orientation, and she was able to walk from class to class and meet all 8 of her teachers. Then this morning was the big day she was dropped off at the bus stop and was off to Jr. High. Well the bus came 15 minutes late which made her tardy for the first class, good thing it didn't count against her today, then she got all turned around between one of her classes, and had to get help to get to the next class, needless to say she was exhausted when she got home. In stead of just having 4 classes today they had them do both A day and B day so it made it even more confusing. At least they only had the 7th graders today at school so they could have 1 day without the upper class men in the building to scare the crap out of them, that will all take place on Monday.
Whitney has grown up so fast, and this morning while she was getting ready, doing her hair, and putting a little make up on, which I finally gave into letting her do, but I have to approve or I get to do it for her. I really started to get sick to my stomach, I am not sure if I just did not feel good, or if it just made me so nervous that she has grown up so much and thinking of everything she will be experiencing these next few years just really got to me. I actually ended up throwing up before I took her to the bus, but between you and me we will just say I was sick!!
I guess we will just have to see how the next couple of weeks go, hopefully she will have fun, and not struggle to much.
Tomorrow she has her Volleyball draft she has to be to at 9:00 am - 12:00, just another thing to add to her plate, but she is excited to start playing again, and in a couple of weeks she will be trying out for the school team as well.